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Introducing "Secloc" secondary coating machines for the textile industry.

Secondary backing precoater systems. Applicator units for adhesive skip coating of secondary backing prior to marrying to the primary coated product including unroll, backbeating & lint extract systems.

Product Information:

Secloc is a complete and efficient secondary coating unit for the floor covering industry.
The complete system includes

  • Heavy duty pneumatic or electrically actuated lifting unroll unit
  • Twin roller back beater and fluff extraction vacuum system
  • Spiked pneumatically controlled tension roller
  • Adjustable side selvedge lifters
  • Automatic traversing latex feed tube and agitator
  • Adjustable contact rollers & stainless steel applicator roller
  • Advanced auto/manual photocell tracking system
  • Inverter driven speed control complete with digital readout
  • PLC based control system

The Secloc backing system has been purposely designed to enable clean and efficient applications of latex. It enables the user to save on overall latex usage as specially compounded, stronger latex can be used in a "Smear" type coating process reducing the need for fully filled yarn troughs.

Strong and clean secondary adhesion is promoted as lint on the jute fibre is beaten loose and extracted while the fibres are opened out. This enables a stronger bond and keeps the latex in the trough cleaner.

Pneumatic or actuated lifting of rolls up to 1 tonne in weight reduces the hassle and strain involved in loading and unloading of heavy secondary rolls.

Photocell tracking keeps the unit on line with the edge of the product enabling consistently cleaner oven stenter pins and rollers.

The latex applicator can be easily unplugged and disconnected from the roll carrier and beater unit. It can then be rolled out on the rail system provided enabling easier cleaning and maintenance. The stainless steel trough and applicator roller prevents rust and assists cleaning of the bath.

Ball bearing vee wheels and a large diameter side shifting screw enables the unit to easily move sideways with the product.

A stainless steel traversing feed tube and hose complete with attached agitator allows even distribution of the latex flow.

A pneumatic spiked tension roller keeps a steady tension on the secondary backing despite decreasing roll size or beating and joining.

Trough level monitors can be fitted to ensure that the latex level is set for constant, even disbursement of latex.

Inverter and PLC technology has been included to smooth reversals and enable the speeds of the drives to be infinitely varied.


Size: 5.5m x 3m
Weight: 1000kg
Electrical: single 240V or 415V power supply
Capacity: up to 800mm diametre rolls

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